Standard Grey

Standard Grey concrete is the core of what we pour.  Its used for foundations, patios, and, walkways, and driveways.  We add fiber mesh to our concrete to help reduce cracks and give it a stronger bond.  

Color concrete

We can add color dye during the mixing process to turn the concrete one solid color.  

Two tone stamped

One color is mixed in the concrete and the second is sprinkled on top.  We stamp the concrete to form a pattern causing the color on top to mix in with the color in the concrete.  This is popular for patios, sidewalks and driveways.  Add  sealer to bring out the color.  

Retaining walls

Concrete is a perfect solution for retaining walls for erosion control.  We can shape the concrete and add color to make the wall look like rocks or boulders.  

Special projects

Concrete can be used for pillars, stairs and steps.  Let us help you design and build your project with concrete.